Banknote sorters for your business

Banknote sorters are the machines used for bundling, counting, and sorting the cash in the ATM. The banknote sorters

Banknote sorters are the machines used for bundling, counting, and sorting the cash in the ATM. The banknote sorters are used in large industries, bank’s large theme parks, casinos, and transit services as these are those places where a large sum of cash is handled daily.


Features of banknote sorter 


The banknote sorter in our company of Yinsu International has machines that support fitness sorting, denomination sorting, and also has the capability of face/orientation sorting and version sorting, etc.

The fitness sorting machines come up with De-inked with folded corners. The banknote also reads and records the serial numbers and its interface has a big display and has a friendly user interface. It is more efficient and can extend from 8+1 pockets, 12+1 pockets.


The banknote sorter provides a windows operation system and software interface to enable the succeeding progress of the client-side. The machine has easy access to the note transport path that making it easy to clean and maintain the machine.




The banknote sorter machines come up with the speed of 900 notes per minute and for counting 720 notes/minutes for fitness sorting. The hopper capacity is 1200 notes and the Reject Pocket Capacity is 300 notes. The machines operate on Windows 7 and it operates best under the temperature from 0°C~45°C. The Power Supply is 220VAC±10%, 50HZ±5%, and consumes power ≤240W.


The storage capacity may be up to 64G and external Connection may vary from LAN, USB, RS232, and VGA. The display system is based on a 12.1” touch screen. The weight reaches up to 60.5 kg and the dimensions are (W)715*(H)640*(D)380mm.


If you need to sort a lot of cash every day, then I think you definitely need such a machine to share the work for you, and you don’t have to worry about the quality of our machines at all, we guarantee that if the quality of the parts we provide does not meet your expectations Standard, we will provide a credit note for the return amount without asking any questions. We are online 24/7 and will serve you as quickly as possible and with the best attitude after receiving your information.


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