Top-quality Cash deposit machine

The cash deposit machines are just like the automated teller (ATM) machine that is used for depositing your money

The cash deposit machines are just like the automated teller (ATM) machine that is used for depositing your money to your account by using the ATM or Credit Cards. It allows you to deposit money to your account without visiting any bank branch.


The machine performs fundamental business uses such as fast counting, mixed counting, crown code collection, transaction real-time query, and much more. The deposit machine assists users in many ways such as in gas stations, hospitals, supermarkets, high-speed toll stations, and other industries. It also solves the difficulties of traditional cash storage management, improves work efficiency, and saves operating costs.


The product promotes the Computing, Communication, and Consumer system which allows public security and other relevant safety certification to ensure the safety of fund storage.


Our company Yinsu which started operating in Guangdong, China which has the best Cash deposit machines. The machine supports SDK, Value counting, multi-currency, S/N(OCR). The Cash deposit machine has the touch screen capability which has Capacitive Touch 10 Point. The machine has the interface of RS232, LAN, USB that also supports the SIM Card. It works under the Android/Window 7/8/10(optional).


Our company has different certifications which makes it the most valuable company such as CE/CCC/FCC/ROHS/ISO9001. The Security has come up with the Lower vault with SW controlled access. It is a floor-standing stand with one year warranty.


We can supply up to 10000 Pieces per Month with neutral packaging. From 1-100 pieces can be supplied within 7 days although the estimated times/days are negotiable.


Yinsu supplies various brands of ATMs and spare parts. If you need such an ATM, then you only need to send us your detailed information and contact information to get the quotation for the ATM of your favorite brand. Looking forward to your contact.


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