All About Banknote-counting sorter machine

There is no denying that machine has taken over the world in which we live. Technology has revolutionized the business world and machines enhanced practically every area of business operations. One area that has benefited immensely from technology is banking, and today you’ll find that most banks have gone digital. Additionally, several forms of banking tools can support your financial transactions. People in every profession can benefit from using this tool. This tool is known as the banknote-counting sorter machine.

Yinsu Electronic is a professional company that specializes in ATM manufacture, Our Banknote-counting sorter machine is highly efficient. It is a device or tool that can be used to count and sort money simultaneously. Its weight is 60.5 kg. It can optimize cash management by efficiently sorting and bundling your cash according to currency.

This machine can neatly arrange notes into several note stackers while sorting and processing up to 720 notes per minute. It can count 900 notes per minute. The hopper of this machine can store 1200 notes, while the output compartment can keep 300 notes. Its stacker capacity is 600 notes*4.

It is a machine that is capable of reading and recording notes’ serial numbers. It features a large 12.1″ Touch Screen display with a friendly user interface. It is easy to use and simple to understand, banknote sorters reduce the time spent processing cash, as well as the risk of errors that come with manually counting, sorting, and bundling cash.

How Does the Banknote-counting sorter machine work?

Banknote sorters are easy to use. To process your cash, the Banknote-counting sorter machine goes through several procedures. Any amount of money of any currency is inserted into the device, where it is identified, verified, and sorted per your preferences.

Sorters can sort your cash in several ways, based on how you want each step of the process to be set up. For instance, money can be sorted by denomination, orientation, or fitness (removing any damaged notes).

Why choose us?

Guangzhou Yinsu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company that has been a specialist in ATM remanufacture, ATM parts, and ATM refurbishment. We have 20 years of experience.

We are a high-tech enterprise with the best team including managers, researchers, sales and service technicians. We have our own factory, we can supply you with the best price and good quality, welcome to contact us anytime.


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