Important Parts Of Automated Teller Machines That You Should Know!!!

In today’s world, technology is all around us. No doubt, we are totally dependent on advanced technology. It has a great impact on human lives. It is beyond imaginations to explore how each latest technology has impacted our lifestyle as well as how it will impact the future. Among millions of advanced technologies, an ATM aka automated teller machine is one of the most important parts of human lives.

An ATM or automated teller machine is a method of performing rapid and effortless transactions on a daily basis. These machines allow you to undergo self-services transactions without the aid of an actual teller and without taking an appointment to visit the bank branch. ATM’s allow individuals to make various transactions including cash withdrawal as well as deposits, fund transfers, utility bill payments, etc.

You may have used or seen an ATM in your surrounding or near any bank. But have you ever wondered how this Box-like machine works? How does the machine deposit or allow you to withdraw an amount from your bank account ? What are the various parts of an ATM? If you are fond of technology and really take interest in how gadgets work, then this article is just for you. Because in this article, we will summarize some important ATM parts.

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1.Card reader:
The most important part of the automated teller machine is the card reader. In general, all parts of the machine are important. But from the card reader, you can begin with your transactions. Card reader accepts the card and reads information which is encoded on the chip. The card reader can identify either it is valid debit or credit card, your account information, etc
2.Pin pads:
Some ATM’s come with advanced touch screen options. They work just like a touchscreen mobile. You can touch on the screen of the ATM to withdraw or deposit cash. On the other hand, you can see pin pads in many ATM’s. Pin pads allow you to enter the amount and your numeric lock for your debit or credit card.
3.Cash dispenser:
After inserting the card, entering the pin and amount, the cash dispenser plays its role. As the name suggests, a cash dispenser is a part of an ATM that helps in dispensing the money. You can take your money from the cash dispenser part of the ATM.


Besides card readers, pin pads, and cash dispensers, there are various other important parts of the ATM which include check scanning, speakers, wireless connectivity, etc.


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