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An automated teller machine (ATM) is a type of computerized banking device that enables users to carry out routine tasks without the assistance of a branch employee or teller. Most ATMs let anyone with a debit or credit card to withdraw money. Various operations, including check deposits, balance transfers, and bill payments, are possible with certain ATMs, while others are just straightforward cash dispensers.

Since the first ATM was installed in China in 1985, the number of ATM installations has increased. In emerging economies, the ATM market is anticipated to expand rapidly because to the widespread use of machines in the retail banking business.

You may purchase ATMs at discount costs from a variety of suppliers and manufacturing organizations. You may buy an ATM for your business and still save a respectable amount of money. Yinsu International ATM Manufacturer is one of the most significant sales representatives and maintenance service providers in China among the hundreds of ATM suppliers there. Use our cash dispensers and payment kiosks to establish a cashless payment system. They can be used to make digital payments or to use a bank card. They are able to print receipts and run contemporary applications. These ATMs will unquestionably lower your company’s expenses while maximizing efficiency.

We provide spare parts for NCR (National Cash Register) and Wincor ATM machine parts. Accessories are necessary for an ATM machine. Most of which includes the following:

  • Card readerThis component reads the bar code on the the card’s back or the microchip that is located on front of the card. To prove their identity and stop fraud, the cardholder can also input their PIN on the keypad. There are different types of cards that the reader can process.
  • Cash dispenser: Bills are distributed through a slot in the device, which is linked to a safe at the device’s base.
  • Printer: Customers can ask for receipts to be printed at the ATM if necessary. The type of transaction, the dollar amount, and the account balance are all noted on the receipt.
  • Screen: The ATM displays prompts that lead the user through the transaction execution procedure. Additionally, information is displayed on the screen, including account details and balances.
  • ATM cassettes: ATM cassettes are designed to fit in ATMs only. The currency is organised within the ATM in “cassettes,” or bins. Each cassette has one denomination already preloaded on it. While some of the nation’s older ATMs may only have two cassettes, the vast majority of them have four.

You can get all of your ATM supplies, including those for your NCR ATM, at Yinsu International ATM Manufacturer. For daily use with your NCR and Wincor Automated Teller Machine, buy ATM cash cassettes, ACT card readers, bill validator and card dispenser.


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