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card reader

An ATM machine’s accessories are essential for keeping it running. They include the cash dispenser and card reader. It also has a keypad and speaker. National ATM Wholesale sells these supplies. If you’re in the market for an ATM, these supplies can help make your machine as productive as possible. They also help you maintain and repair the machine.

Card reader

Card readers are an essential part of an ATM machine. They capture customer account information from a magnetic stripe on a card and then route it to the bank of the cardholder. The cardholder can also enter their PIN on the keypad to verify their identity and prevent fraud. The reader can process several types of cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Card readers should be in good condition. Make sure that the arrows or instructions aren’t partially covered, or that the card reader has a cracked surface. They should not be too large or narrow or jut out more than normal. Additionally, the reader should have no cracks or a flashing indicator.

Cash dispenser

One of the most important accessories to an ATM machine is the cash dispenser. This is an ultra-sensitive piece of equipment that removes bills from a cassette and checks each one to ensure that it is the correct denomination. When a bill is deemed incorrect, it is placed in a reject bin and a new bill is selected. The cash dispenser then continues to select the correct bills until the transaction is complete, and a receipt is printed out for the customer.

The cash dispenser is located below the keypad and is connected to a safe containing cash. An ATM also has a receipt printer that prints a record of each transaction and ejects it through a receipt slot. Some ATMs also have a deposit slot for cash or checks.


The keypad is an important part of an ATM machine. It allows the user to enter their PIN number or card information to withdraw money. An ATM’s keypad is also vulnerable to tracking of PIN information and should be shielded from prying eyes. Below the keypad is a cash dispenser and receipt printer. Afterward, a receipt is ejected through a slot on the top of the machine. Some ATMs also have a deposit slot for the user’s card. The machine may also have a speaker that beeps when a button is pressed hard enough.

The main functions of an ATM are to process payments and cash transactions. In addition to accepting cards, ATMs are equipped with a host processor that receives information from the card reader. This software then routes the information to the customer’s bank. A keypad is also needed to input a PIN to verify a transaction. A keypad should have a speaker so that the customer can hear his or her PIN. The speaker may also have additional voice features.


Speaker for ATM machine accessories are a great way to add additional features to your machine. Audio features include the ability to hear the customer’s keypad presses. Some models have voice recognition as well. Other features include a receipt printer. Choosing the correct accessories will maximize the functionality of your machine and ensure that your customers always get what they need.

Receipt printer

Receipt printer is an accessory which provides a paper receipt for an ATM transaction. Most ATMs have a color LCD or monochrome CRT display and a receipt printer, which prints out a paper receipt. The ATM also contains a cash dispenser and safe which holds cash.

Receipt printers are connected to the POS machine via an RJ-11 cable. They operate with the POS+ bundle, which directs them to print receipts automatically when a transaction occurs. This eliminates the need for a cash drawer roll, which can tear. Receipts from receipt printers are neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Maintenance of ATM parts

It is important to regularly check the parts of an ATM machine. For example, the cash dispenser has rollers that need to be cleaned to ensure that it works properly. This can be done by using compressed air. Dirt and grease can also build up on the rollers, so it is important to replace them if necessary. Good technicians should always carry a supply of NCR ATM machine parts on hand.

You should also regularly clean and lubricate the doors and cassette lids. You should also make sure that you print a journal on a regular basis and store it for a year. If you have more than one ATM machine, you should have at least one spare screen in your inventory.


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